Avenue Bus Stories


Several days ago I was waiting for the 5 when an elderly lady asked me if I knew when the bus was coming. I checked an app, which said 5 minutes. She quickly pulled out her iPhone and asked what app I used (NextBus, it’s a life-saver).

Lady: It’s amazing isn’t it, we have whole computers in our pockets!

Me: Yeah, I can’t believe that only 20-something years ago my mom was learning punched card programming at university.

Lady: Oh, I remember that! I was always interested in technology. I took some courses when I worked as a librarian.

Wait, I’m also a librarian! She was quite surprised. I was even more surprised to learn that she was an Anglophone Montrealer (I just ended an 11-year stint in Montreal), who worked at the Royal Vic for over 30 years after studying biology at McGill, followed by an MLIS degree. We discussed our parallel lives all the way down to Davenport when I found out that she does Serbian and Croatian folk dancing at her retirement home.

The library world is surprisingly small, even across time it seems!


Image Source: Toronto Transit

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