Quick Reflection: "100 Crushes" by Elisha Lim

What I learned from 100 Crushes by Elisha Lim

Full Disclosure Here:
I hadn’t heard of Elisha Lim before reading this book. While doing my Twitter duties at work, I saw that the librarian had featured it and I was instantly intrigued.
There are ‘real’ reviews herehere, & here! I won’t try to outdo their commentary (especially since I agree with it).
So What Did I Gain From 100 Crushes?
 I have struggled with the idea of labels and gender and sexuality for a long time. For me, personally, these issues have been, and continue to be, personal and unnecessary to delve on publicly. So while I never cared how people chose to represent their gender and sexuality, I didn’t always understand the motivations behind these self-representations. Although I’ve dealt with this a lot over the past few years, opening Lim’s book changed many of my perceptions (or, more accurately, gave me perspectives I didn’t have).
Issues that I’ve never had to deal with became a temporary preoccupation and morphed into what I hope is deeper understanding.
The pronoun “They” is one of the things I’ve never had to deal with and was utterly confused by until this book. Lim brings these experiences forward in a frank and direct way, which allowed me to just engage with the experiences of the people portrayed without feeling alienated by a lack of common experience.
Indeed, this entire book deals with experiences so far removed from my own. However, the honesty of Lim’s storytelling (whether positive or negative) allowed me to confront my privileges – especially my ability to disregard labels – while also allowing me to feel very much a part of the reading experience.
Oh, I am so thankful for comics on a daily basis!
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